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Pictures only for media use.

These pictures are collected for media use only. Please inform the source of information with copyright YIT.

    Image Info Description  
Business Premises Pictures of Business Premises.
Czech Republic (5) Pictures of YIT's projects in Czech Republic.
Estonia (2) Pictures of YIT's projects in Estonia.
Helsingin Keskustakirjasto Oodi (18) Helsingin Keskustakirjasto Oodi
Hotel Lilla Roberts (3) Renovated hotel Lilla Roberts in Helsinki, Finland
Infra services (15) Pictures of infrastructure
Konepaja, Helsinki (7) Pictures of residential area Konepaja in Helsinki, Finland.
Latvia (3) Pictures of YIT's projects in Latvia.
Lithuania (3) Pictures of YIT's projects in Lithuania.
Länsisatama (9) Länsisatama, Helsingin Satama, Länsiterminaali 2
Merenkulkijanranta, Helsinki (10) Pictures of housing complex Merenkulkijanranta in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.
Mini apartments (16) Pictures of mini apartment concept.
Russia (2) Pictures from YIT in Russia
Slovakia (3) Pictures of YIT's projects in Slovakia.
Smartti housing solution (10) Pictures of Smartti housing solutions. Smartti is a flexible solution that combines functionality and adaptability with reasonable prices.